05 gennaio 2019
In Slavonia, oranges were given as a beautiful gift at Christmas. And only then did they start making scented sweets with orange. I want to offer you today a very delicious cake, with walnuts and chocolate, without butter or flour.
29 novembre 2018
Reaching the river means crossing the wild vegetation that surrounds it. Among marshes, silences and mystic lights.
19 novembre 2018
It seems strange, I know, but I realize only now that I've reached the forty-third post, and I've never really talked about the Drava River. Yes, I told you about the dead branches of the river, the marshes, the fish farms, the dishes made with freshwater fish, and about of going to fishing. But never of the true river. The river that has marked almost all the summers of my life.
12 agosto 2018
A Gulash always different and delicious, with veggies from the garden.
03 luglio 2018
Every year in June I take a trip to the Baranja region, to find my favorite cellars, to buy some wine and to eat some freshwater fish, a speciality of this area. This year I also found vineyards.
11 marzo 2018
Turkish Coffee has always been drunk in Croatia. Even now everyone makes coffee this way. Here's how to make a good Turkish Coffee.
16 febbraio 2018
We are in winter, and already everything speaks of spring. So I want to hurry up and give you a recipe that is good for cold days: a meat dish, which goes well with dumplings and a vegetable sauce.
24 gennaio 2018
Silence, golden sun, dry reeds and... bread and lard.
16 dicembre 2017
Christmas of the Croatian tradition was made of small simple things: many sweets, especially with chocolate and nuts, sugar candies and above all Honey Cookies. Here the recipe!
16 novembre 2017
Traveling to the south side of Mount Papuk, in search of the best Grasevina.

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