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24 gennaio 2018
Silence, golden sun, dry reeds and... bread and lard.
16 novembre 2017
Traveling to the south side of Mount Papuk, in search of the best Grasevina.
12 ottobre 2017
Here in Donji Miholjac we have a castle nestled in a magnificent park. Today I want to show you the Mailath castle in its details.
03 ottobre 2017
What about tomato and peppers of your garden? You choose the finest one for salad and the worst ones for cooking. Same ingredients for two different recipes!
19 settembre 2017
A simple and tasty soup, with white pumpkin and dill. Served with toasted bread and sour cream.
10 settembre 2017
The Drava River is a tributary of the Danube, and when these two rivers meet, they originate in one of Europe's widest wetlands: Kopački Rit Nature Park.
29 agosto 2017
Every time I say I'm from Croatia, people tell me: "A-ha, Ražniči and Ćevapčići!" It almost annoyed me that Croatia was only remembered for grilled meat. But then, in the end, is there something more ancient, or rather prehistoric, to cook grilled meat? Here you get the recipes!
22 agosto 2017
Fresh cheese and sour cream. The dinners of my childhood, the smells of once.
16 agosto 2017
Who said that all Paprikash and Gulasch are made with meat? Today I want to cook a croatian vegan meal, with a Mushrooms Paprikasch and two different salads.
01 agosto 2017
Every summer lunch began with a soup, using the vegetables of the garden. The yellow bean soup and potatoes was my favorite.