Turkish Coffee and coffee grounds

Turkish coffee has always been drunk in Croatia. 

Now every cafeteria has a coffee machine to make excellent espressos and cappuccinos, but once you drank Turkish coffee everywhere. Even now, in homes, everyone makes coffee this way. The old brass and copper jugs are no longer used, more contemporary enamel iron pots are used, but coffee is still drunk in the same way.

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A traditional dish of meat, dumplings and sauce

We are in winter, and already everything speaks of spring. So I want to hurry up and give you a recipe that is good for cold days. 

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Autumn-Winter around the Drava river

Autumn-Winter around the River Drava is silence, golden san and... bread and lard.

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It's not Christmas without Honey Cookies

Christmas of the Croatian tradition was made of small simple things: many sweets, especially with chocolate and nuts, sugar candies and above all Honey Cookies.

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Traveling to Kutjevo, in search of good wine

Traveling to the south side of Mount Papuk, in search of the best Grasevina.

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Makovnjaca and Orehnjaca: a traditional Croatian cake with walnuts and poppy seeds

A typical sweet of Northern Croatia. Absolutely my favorite, with a stuffing of nuts or a filling of poppy seeds.

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Mailath Castle in detail

Mailath castle was built in the early twentieth century, trying to imitate the English Tudor style. 

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Peppers and tomatoes from the garden: the beautiful and the ugly ones

What about tomato and peppers of your garden? You choose the finest one for salad and the worst ones for cooking. Same ingredients for two different recipes.

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White Pumpkin Soup with dill and sour cream

A simple and tasty soup, with white pumpkin and dill. Served with toasted bread and sour cream.

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Kopacki Rit Nature Park: when the river Drava meets the Danube

The Drava River is a tributary of the Danube, and when these two rivers meet, they originate in one of Europe's widest wetlands. Kopački Rit Nature Park.

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