Nature Park Papuk Jancovac


A walk in the green

When it starts to get very hot, I take the car and go on a trip to this beautiful park Papuk-Jankovac

Papuk is a mountain that reaches 953 m above sea level.  Not very high but still allows you to enjoy a little cool.

The green is lush, there is a small lake with trout and ducks. And if you are lucky, you can see the waterfall as well. The cascade, in periods of drought, disappears because there is not enough water in the stream. 

And I was lucky. There is also a beautiful path that leads just below the waterfall.

For those who love to walk in the green there are many paths of different duration, just for all tastes.


I have already mentioned ducks and green of Jankovac in a previous post if you want to see more photos.

What do you eat in Jankovac?

In Jankovac there are many places for picnics and many areas where you can barbecue.


There is also a mountain hut, the Planinarski Dom, where you can eat special meat dishes, and where you can drink a very good local wine.


We ate the famous "Sword". A large skewer with two different fillets, pork and beef, stuffed with bacon and served with two different types of sauce, grilled vegetables and onion chips: an unforgettable experience.

We also tried gulasch of game and mushrooms, and a plate with 4 different types of meat, married differently with bacon, served with tartar sauce and Ajvar (a typical sauce made of peppers, chili peppers, onion and eggplant).

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    horace (lunedì, 07 agosto 2017 15:22)

    Papuk Jankovac looks like a real natural paradise!
    And a paradise for gourmets, too.