Bean Salad and Spring Daisies

Spring makes me want to salads. Although this is a winter salad.

Traditional salads of Slavonia are all very simple. And in each of these salads, there is fresh onion or fresh garlic. Only green salad was eaten with just oil and vinegar. Even though it is often added a fresh spring onion. 

For the bean salad we use onion, preferably purple.

My grandmother put the beans to dry in the sun. My grandfather regularly beating them with a stick, to get them out from the pod. 

When the beans were completely dry, we children parted the empty pods from those still full.

It was nice to be in the late afternoon sun and hear rustling the dry pods.


One day we made a joke to my grandfather. While he was making his afternoon nap, we children shelled all the beans and left the empty pods in the sun. 

When my grandfather woke up, he began to beat the beans. We laughed like crazy kids and he did not understand why. He became very angry. And only now I understand why: 

In the country, you have to work a lot and all energy must be used intelligently. We children had wasted time to shell the beans, when they shell alone under the sun. And he had lost time to beat the beans already shelled.

I have now learned my lesson.

Bean Salad

Grah Salata


(4 people)


200 g dried beans or 750 g fresh beans

1 purple onion, chopped 

extra virgin olive oil


salt and pepper

baking soda (optional)



Leave the dried beans to soak in water for 12 hours. If the beans are very large you can add a tablespoon of baking soda in the water.


Cooking for 40-45 minutes (or more, depending on the type of beans). Add salt almost cooked.


Chop the onion and leave it in salt, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil for 30 minutes.


Add the beans, now warm or cold. If you want you can add pepper.


Leave a little rest before serving.

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