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03 ottobre 2017
What about tomato and peppers of your garden? You choose the finest one for salad and the worst ones for cooking. Same ingredients for two different recipes!
06 giugno 2017
Between Hungary and Croatia there are many dishes and soup with Paprika. Always based on onion and different types of meat. Gulasch, Paprikas, Perkelt and Cobanac: differences and recipes!
19 marzo 2017
Spring makes me want to salads. Although this is a winter salad. Traditional salads of Slavonia are all very simple. And in each of these salads, there is fresh onion or fresh garlic. Only green salad was eaten with just oil and vinegar. Even though it is often added a fresh spring onion. For the bean salad we use onion, preferably purple.
31 gennaio 2017
My grandmother had a cat who did acrobatics in the trees, he loved to cling to curtains and then swind into the void, and took a lot of mice and then bragged about it. Often he slept in the sun on the ladder leading to the attic. Every time I look at him he was on a different rung.