Swans at Sunset

Old River Drava

Stara Drava

You can go to the old river Drava every day, and every time see a different sunset.

Sometimes the sun simply goes away leaving moisture and mosquitoes. And sometimes everything is flooded with pink, or red, or yellow gold. And sometimes the swans appear, and make their dances in the water. Is a pair of swans, who goes back to this place every year. 

Croatian Mlinci

Today I want to talk about Mlinci.


Are you ready for a whole new flavor, made in a very simple way?

Mlinci is a simple homemade pasta that is toasted on a hot plate or baked. After which it is cooked in boiling salted water like normal pasta. It was a way to keep homemade pasta longer.

Originally the dough was made of flour, water and salt. But eggs can also be added.


This type of pasta, which takes on a very particular taste, is usually used to accompany baked meat, such as turkey or duck. The pasta is left to flavor in the fat left by the meat, and then it serves together. But it is also used to eat it with a meat sauce, without tomatoes. I really like this match: every time I feel like going back in time. 


My grandmother toasted the pasta directly on the wood stove plate. But you can use any plate. 

You have to try different pasta toasts. Because when the dough is very cooked, almost burnt, it has a very special taste, to be absolutely tested. Everyone has to find his ideal cooking degree.


At one time, meat sauce was made only with minced pork meat. But you can also use a mixture (pork and beef).

You start by stifling a mixture of crushed vegetables. I use onion, garlic, carrots, white roots and celery rape.

Mlinci with meat sauce


for pasta

300 g flour 0

2 eggs

a little water



for sauce

300 g ground pork (or pork and beef)

2 carrots

1 white roots

1 slice of celery turnip, or 2 celery shores

1 large onion, or 2 mediums

1 clove of garlic (optional)

salt and pepper


Knead the dough, let it rest for half an hour wrapped in a film, and then pull a thick sheet, about 1 mm. You get rectangles of about 8 for 4 cm, and then toast to the oven or on a hot plate.


Grind all the vegetables and let them fry slightly in a frying pan. Garlic is optional, I don't cut it, and then I take it off. Add the minced meat, salt and pepper and let it cook for about an hour, adding hot water from time to time if necessary.


Boil the dough in a pot with slightly salted water. How much time? Until it softens and becomes eatable for your taste. Drain the pasta and add it to the meat sauce. Soak for two minutes and serve.

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