May: roasted pig and lilies

lilies of the valley

In May is the birthday of one of my aunts. And almost always we are invited to eat the piglet on the skewer, and we bring her a bunch of lilies. 

The lilies of the valley grow wildly in my garden, they have become almost weed. Their perfume invades the garden. Along with lilies, only the yellow primrose reside.

Grilled Pig On The Skewer

The skewer pig is very common in Croatia, especially in the past.


I will never forget when I saw a little piggy eating grass in the backyard of my grandmother's house. Then they took him away, and after a few hours he came to a wooden board, ready to be eaten. 

All of us children we had tears in our eyes and said in chorus: "We will not eat the poor piglet we saw eating in the yard!" 

The adults made us taste the crisp skin, tears disappeared and we ate with taste and long muzzle.


It is tradition to serve the pig with at least four different salads. 

Never miss the potato salad with onion.


Potato salad with onions

Krumpir Salata


500 g potatoes

2 small onions

1 spring onion (optional)

oil and vinegar

salt and pepper



Boil the potatoes (with the peel) in salt water. Spell the potatoes and cut them into slices.


Slicing the onions and leaving them an hour with salt and vinegar.


Add the onions to the potatoes, add oil and pepper. Add salt if needed.

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