What about Goulash?

Here I am with the famous goulash!

As always I began to ask many questions to friends and relatives. Of course they all say things that are completely different from each other. 

They squash on the type of meat to be used, on the type of vegetables, on the type of cooking, on the density, and so on.


In any case, for sure its a meat stew, of very ancient origins: we already hear about it in the ninth century. It seems to be a soup cooked by herdsmen traveling through the puzda; in the evening, on a cauldron and on a wood fire. Using what they had available at the time.


In the ninth century, you could not use peppers, paprika, tomatoes or potatoes. Vegetables introduced in our tables only in the sixteenth century.

Surely they could use onions, garlic, roots of various kinds, and celery.

It seems that as meat they used beef.


My grandmother always raised some pigs, and in her gulash she used pork. And today you can find all kinds of goulash. Who can say which recipe is closest to the original?


And so, when I cook the goulash, I do it with thespirit of a herdsman”, and I use what I have at the moment.

I really like using carrots and parsley roots, because this makes me feel closer to the recipe of the ninth century, even if here, they get very angry about this...


And then I will give you the recipe of the gulash as I do it, gulash my way, after walking around in the garden and taking some veggies.


I assure you that the goulash made in this way is always delicious, and each time has different shades of flavor, due to the different veggies used.

This time I used some peppers, all of different colors, some roots, onions and potatoes. Usually I do not use tomatoes, but you can certainly use, as you can also use celery.


What kind of meat? What you like best! I used leftover pork fillet and pork chops, to get closer to my grandmother's goulash. But it is also good using different meats, or mixing them (pork and turkey, chicken and pork, beef ).

Goulash recipe




800 g pork (or beef, chicken ...)

2 medium onions

2 garlic cloves

1 spoon full of sweet paprika (or more)

1 teaspoon of spicy paprika (or more)

2 carrots

1 root of parsley

some potatoes (3 medium or 5 small)

some tomatoes (optional)

some celery (optional)

olive oil, or lard

salt and pepper



Cut the veggies into small pieces. Cut the potatoes into cubes and set aside in a bowl with water, so as not to make them darken.


Chop the onions and garlic and brown them with olive oil or lard. 


Add the meat cut into pieces and the paprika, and brown, stirring with a wooden spoon, until the meat is sealed. This moment is very important for combining the flavors of onion, meat and paprika together.


Add veggies and cover with hot salt water. Cook covered over low heat for about an hour and a half, or more if necessary. Turn from time to time, and if it dries too much add water.


When the meat is almost cooked, add the potatoes and continue on low heat until cooked.


The amount of liquid depends on your taste. You can eat it like a soup, or make it shrink more like a stew.


If you do not want to add the potatoes, you can serve this dish with boiled flour dumplings, or toasted bread.

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