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12 agosto 2018
A Gulash always different and delicious, with veggies from the garden.
22 agosto 2017
Fresh cheese and sour cream. The dinners of my childhood, the smells of once.
06 giugno 2017
Between Hungary and Croatia there are many dishes and soup with Paprika. Always based on onion and different types of meat. Gulasch, Paprikas, Perkelt and Cobanac: differences and recipes!
01 marzo 2017
Sarma, a characteristic dish of all Eastern Europe. This is my Aunt Zdenka's recipe.
16 febbraio 2017
Here in Donji Miholjac there is a Castle, surrounded by a Park. Castle Mailath.
10 febbraio 2017
After gray and rain of recent days, I needed a little green. The photos were taken this summer in Jankovac, a Croatian Nature Park.
25 gennaio 2017
When you get home from work in the field, and you were too tired to cook, but still feel like you had a hot plate, then you made the fried soup. Zafrigana Corba.