A lesson in the kitchen of my aunt

Croatian countryside

When you get home from work in the field, and you were too tired to cook, but still feel like you had a hot plate, then you made the fried soup. Zafrigana Corba.


My grandmother did not have never cooked this soup for us, perhaps because she had eaten too much in her youth. Only my aunt Blazenka remembers well how to cook this dish, and this fall we went into her kitchen for a lesson. She cooks this very often, because it’s ready in minutes and you can do it even when there’s nothing in the house. Apart from the eggs, which were always in houses of the past, sinse they all had hens.

fried soup

Zafrigana Corba / ZUPPA SOFFRITTA

I also tried to shoot a video. My first. I know, it’s not very professional, but at least everything is clear.


2 tablespoons full of flour

2 tablespoons of lard (or oil)


1 bowl of water per person

1 egg per person

1 tablespoon of sweet paprika

toasted bread in lard or oil


Fry flour and lard. You can also use oil, but the flavor of lard is the strong point of this dish. It’s the ingredient that takes us back in time.

Add paprika and then water. Salt. When the mixture has reached the boiling point, add the eggs, one at a time. Do not mix and wait 3 minutes egg cooking. Served with browned bread in lard or oil.



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