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19 settembre 2017
A simple and tasty soup, with white pumpkin and dill. Served with toasted bread and sour cream.
16 agosto 2017
Who said that all Paprikash and Gulasch are made with meat? Today I want to cook a croatian vegan meal, with a Mushrooms Paprikasch and two different salads.
01 agosto 2017
Every summer lunch began with a soup, using the vegetables of the garden. The yellow bean soup and potatoes was my favorite.
04 febbraio 2017
The life of this land has always been linked to the Drava River. With its slow flow towards the Danube, he has continuously changed its course over time, and left of its passage memory. Wherever there are ancient canals, old loops and marshes. Every time you go to the river, it is different. Paths and routes are constantly changing. The white sandy beaches are never the same shape. The old River Drava, the Stara Drava, is an old bend of the river, a small lake, long and narrow.
25 gennaio 2017
When you get home from work in the field, and you were too tired to cook, but still feel like you had a hot plate, then you made the fried soup. Zafrigana Corba.