Travel to Baranja: wine and freshwater fish dishes

To reach the hills of Baranja, famous for wine, you must cross the Drava River, go north-east, almost on the border with Hungary, where the river Danube flows. 

We are still in Croatia, but here people speak two languages: Croatian and Hungarian. Road signs are also bilingual. People speak to each other preferably in Hungarian. 

They are proud of their own origins and culture. Each cellar opens its doors to visitors by offering local products and good wine.

Old River Drava Belisce

Stara Drava Belišće

To go to Baranja, you have to cross the old branch of the Drava river, just after Belisce.

An amazing place for the soundtrack: song of water birds, crickets and frogs, in one shot.

Kolar Cellar

Kolar Obiteljski Podrum

One of the wineries of Baranja is that of Kolar, in Suza.

A pleasant place where you can enjoy wine at the glass, in the company of a traditional salami of pork and deer.

You can visit the cellar and buy wine in liters or in bottles. 

If you want, you can book traditional dishes and organize dancing evenings.


I bought Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc and Graševina. Graševina is the most popular wine here, and it would be Italian Riesling.


The whole area is full of places where you can sleep and eat, unlike the rest of Slavonia.

The feeling is to be in a more vital and cheerful place. On weekends restaurants are filled with people, and it is better to book.

Kovac Carda: traditional fish soup and fried fish

Kovač Čarda: FiŠ i Pohana Riba

The most typical dish in this area is the freshwater fish soup, commonly known as Fiš, which I have already mentioned and provided the recipe.


One of the restaurants to eat this delight is Kovac Carda, in Suza. A simple and cozy place with a cool outdoor veranda for hot days. 

Here you can also taste the best wines of all local wineries.


The dish I prefer to eat in this place is fried fish. You can choose between Carp, Pike, Zander and Siluro fish.

Fishing freshwater fish

One of the favorite occupations, on summer days, is fishing. 

When I was a kid, adults went fishing at four in the morning and came back when we were just woken up. And then they took pictures of the catches.


To the right one of the places where my father has fished a lot of picks.

To note, in the foreground, the bottle of plum distillate. Which can not be missed during fishing.

 In Slavonia freshwater  fish is cut into pieces and eaten fried, breaded or floured. Fried in lard, what else?


Often fish was fried for breakfast.

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