Obsessed with purple and Coffee Cake

In this month there are only purple flowers around me. Purple was the favorite color of my grandmother, and the favorite of my mother, and maybe my own.

I am literally obsessed with irises and their scents. My neighbors have iris of various colors, and each of them has a different smell. But the classic lilac/purple iris are my favorites, even for their special perfume, which becomes more intense in the evening.

Coffee Cake with Chocolate, nuts and whipped Cream

Moka Torta

This is also the month of Mother's Day, and my mother's favorite sweet is the coffee cake, served with whipped cream. Well, I cooked the sweet with the delay of a week. But in the end I managed to prepare it.


I really like it because in addition to the very strong coffee, there are also nuts, or hazelnuts, and chocolate. Both are cut in pieces, not grated, so that each bite is more varied in flavor.


The coffee being used is the Turkish coffee that is used here. A less roasted coffee, finely ground, which already has a bit of flavor of chocolate and hazelnuts in it. One day I'll tell you how to do it. Again in this case: every home has its own method.

But you can use any coffee, even soluble.


150 g sugar

150 g butter, or margarine

4 eggs

120 g flour 0

150 g nuts or hazelnuts  

100 g chocolate 

1 cup of strong coffee

half of baking powder


icing sugar

Mix butter with sugar. Then add an egg yolk at a time.

Add flour with baking powder and mix.

Mount the egg whites with salt, until stiff. Add to the main mixture with chocolate and nuts cut into pieces, and gently incorporate. 


Cook at 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes.


Cut into rectangles, dust with icing sugar and serve with whipped cream.

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