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05 gennaio 2019
In Slavonia, oranges were given as a beautiful gift at Christmas. And only then did they start making scented sweets with orange. I want to offer you today a very delicious cake, with walnuts and chocolate, without butter or flour.
25 luglio 2017
Here in Northern Croatia, the sour cherry trees are very common. And so summer is always accompanied by sour cherry desserts.
20 maggio 2017
In this month my garden is full of purple flowers. This is also the month of Mother's Day. And so I prepared the coffee cake she asked me a week later.
02 aprile 2017
This is a dessert that is called Magdalena. My grandmother's name was Magdalena. And whenever she cook this sweet smiling happy, for this. I don’t know why, but it was the only dessert that was cut in the shape of the moon. It was so soft that we kids had a good time to bring it closer to the ear, crush it a bit, and listen that slight effervescent sound, like compressed foam. The cut in the shape of the moon was like a rite. In doing things, my grandmother had a way of moving, had her...