Fresh cheese and sour cream

Sir i kajmak

Fresh cheese and sour cream.


Sour cream and fresh cheese never missed the house. The dinners of my childhood, always with sweet paprika sprinkled on top, and little salt. 


Both, fresh cheese and sour cream, are rather acidic. But the creaminess of sour cream that wraps cheese is a mingling to try absolutely. The sweet paprika softens the palate. Every time I feel like going back in time.


The first time I tried these three ingredients together, I was bit disconcerted: "How do you eat all this sour stuff together?". And then I could not make it less.


Sometimes the cheese was made by my grandmother. It had the shape of a ball with the marks of the gauze wrapping it around. Sometimes she bought it at the market. 


Sour cream was always inside a jar, very liquid and greasy. Very different from what you buy today at the supermarket.


Today I bought fresh cheese and sour cream at the market. You have to come with a jar.

Once the market was full of women selling cheese, milk and sour cream. Today there is only one left, and comes from a nearby country.


Small handicraft producers no longer have the convenience of continuing to produce milk and derivatives: supermarket competition is ruthless, though the quality is very different. But quality does not seem to matter much anymore. Unfortunately, you are forced to look at the price.

The market

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    Sadhya (lunedì, 28 agosto 2017 09:16)

    Your descriptions are enticing me to come and visit your country to enjoy these traditional dishes.

  • #2

    horace (giovedì, 21 settembre 2017 10:24)

    I imagine this fresh cheese would be a great dish for a rich breakfast.

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    Mike Mow (venerdì, 23 febbraio 2018 06:36)