Mailath Castle in detail

Mailath castle was built in the early twentieth century, trying to imitate the English Tudor style. 

iron fences and railings in the park


Here in Donji Miholjac we have a castle nestled in a magnificent park. I have already talked about this castle in a previous post.

But today  I want to show you the castle in its details.

It's a beautiful place: the more you look and the more you find details on stone, windows and iron railings.


Many years ago I visited the castle inside, but unfortunately I still did not have a camera. There are still some original furnishings and some sanitary supplies coming directly from the UK. Today the castle is occupied by some of the town hall offices, and with time it is getting more and more degraded.


All the animals in the region are present on the railings surrounding the castle. 

But I didn't see cats. I don't know why. Here cats are not much loved, even though we are full of mice and rats.

Anyway I love cats and it's just here that I got the best cats.

But you can never say, because many railings have been dismantled.


One day I will also talk about the park surrounding the castle: a real jewel left to die slowly

window finishes

Here, it is difficult to see two windows of the same size. 


In some windows you can see the original glass. Both the inner and the outer windows had different shaped glasses. Shutters are also exceptional works.


The attic is a wonderful architecture left entirely to the pigeons. And the semi-underground floor is a princely home for mice.

Rooftops and Canal Gutters

Let me talk about rooftops and canal gutters. 


The roofs of the castle have always hosted huge stork nests. And it's exactly here that I saw for the first time a flight lesson for storks. One of the most fuzzy experiences of my life. 


The canal gutters, have to do with water (of course) and then what can you find? Fish and amphibians. Freshwater fish, frogs and toads that are very common here. All strictly in copper.

To note: the two pigeons, one on the right and one on the left, sentinels to their realm-attic.

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  • #1

    Gian Luca Garattoni (mercoledì, 25 ottobre 2017 12:50)

    Very nice post, next time I'll be in Slavonia I'll make sure my itinerary will include this castle

  • #2

    Vania Zemunic (venerdì, 03 novembre 2017 14:30)

    @Gian Luca Garattoni
    Yes, it's worth a visit! In office hours, you can also get in and see some of the interior, especially the wooden lobby. unfortunately there is no guided tour.