Peppers and tomatoes from the garden: the beautiful and the ugly ones

What about tomato and peppers of your garden? You choose the finest one for salad and the worst ones for cooking. Same ingredients for two different recipes.

the ugly ones

You know, in the countryside nothing is thrown away. And this is especially true for veggies of the garden.


When pepper and tomato plants are at the most of production, you should try to consume them all. I remember summers full of peppers and tomatoes in salad, and peppers and tomatoes in pot.


My summer was no different. You choose the finest vegetables for the salad, the worst ones for cooking, and those that can not be eaten are thrown into the compost, to feed the veg garden next season.


I want to start with the ugly ones. Those you will never see in any market, but that you respect and use with pleasure because they are the result of your hard work.



A simple recipe here called Sataras. Only tomatoes, peppers and onions. Almost always served with boiled rice.


400 g ripe tomatoes

400 g peppers

2 medium onions

4 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper



Sliced the onions, and cut into pieces peppers and tomatoes.


Put the onion in a frying pan and briefly brown it with oil and salt. Add tomatoes and peppers and cook on medium heat for 30-40 minutes. 


When the tomato water is consumed, add water from time to time.


If you want, you can add pepper.

the beautiful ones

 With the same ingredients used for Sataras, you can prepare this tasty salad. 


You can have fun with colors, choosing different peppers, yellow green or red. I also used a purple onion, which has a more delicate flavor.


Tomato Pepper Salad



300 g ripe tomatoes

300 g peppers

1 medium onion

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoons vinegar

salt and pepper



Sliced the onion, put it in a bowl, add a pinch of salt, and leave for half an hour, so that it loses a little of its water.


Cut tomatoes and peppers into thin slices, and place them in a salad bowl. Add onion, vinegar and oil, salt and pepper. Turn when serving.

Love basil! I have a whole row in my garden. And I had to add it to the salad. 

But you know that my grandmother would never do it.


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